Reflection: Joel Chin says...

Pre-Camp Reflection

1 _ I think that electronics amaze me because of the way electricity can travel and affect so many things in our surroundings.I like how electronics have transformed over times and how it is becoming more and more advanced to suit our needs.
2 _ I want to learn about the fundamentals of electronics and how they work and how certain items and objects can help in the electronic device and the different aspects of it.
3 _ I want to learn about how the electronics can adapt to our needs like a lamp becoming less bright when its surroundings is bright.
4 _ I want to personally be able to construct my own electronic when i have the materials and to be able to fix electronics that exist now.
DAY 1 _ My key understanding from the Plenary session by Prof Kerry Sieh is that using layers of rock and using different mediums like bat excretion within the rock to understand how long it has lasted using carbon dating. There can also be measuring of the high tide displacement to know how much an island has risen or the water level has risen.
DAY 1 _ My key understanding from the IT for animation is that there have been many softwares made for the changing of 2D animation to 3D animation and that how the steps can be reduced so that there can be less budget cuts to help in longer video timings within the video. There can also be many sensors implemented to help in animation like using the facial expressions of a human to aid in the animations.
DAY 1 _ Innovation breakthroughs in Nano-Science and Nano-Technology by Prof Ma Jun is that there have been many ways to experiment the usage of Nano technology such as bullet proof glass and getting man made materials that are extremely strong in the ratio of weight to weight able to withstand.

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