Reflection: Bryan Kong says...

Pre-camp Reflections
I feel that what interests me in this project was the use of the light controller and making it as I prefer to make electronic items. I want to learn more about electronics, wiring as it would be very helpful for the future. I have a few questions about this project and it is that how am I supposed to understand a topic that I have never encountered and how I am supposed to do the challenge. I want to know more about these wiring and electronics so I would also be able to help my family in case they need my help.
Day 1 Reflections
I feel that NTU has a very good campus and it is also very green. I am hoping to see it it in the near future that it has an even bigger campus with more residences where I would be eligible to go to university at that time already. I also hope to see its Yunnan campus where they stated it would be an even better campus, more greener, more advanced in technology. I like the idea of implementing new ideas like air scooters, etc. for students to more around campus easily. NTU is also a very good university by being ranked 58 in the world for the youngest universities. That is a very good achievement and I would be consider joining this university for my studies.

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